Schererville Landscape Services

Schererville Landscape Services

Are you building a new house in Schererville? If so you will soon need a landscaper to make your yard as beautiful as your new home. Tim’s Landscape Services has over 35 solid years of experience helping homeowners with their lawns and landscape design in Schererville and all of Northwest Indiana. If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind landscape design that complements the architecture of your new house, contact us today at 219-322-8500.

What to Expect from Your Schererville Landscaper

What does a landscaper do? A landscaper will listen to your ideas about what you envision your yard to look like and about what you plan to spend to achieve that vision. The landscaper will return to his or her office and will create a design. Once the design is done, you will meet again with the landscaper and discuss the plan in detail.

Landscape Design is subjective, but like good art, there are rules to follow — like proportion, color, size, and placement. At Tim’s Landscape Services, we take all these rules and use them to design beautiful landscape elements.

Common Design Elements Used by Landscapers

Good landscapers always have an initial plan. They look at the home and the shape of the yard. Then they find out if the homeowner plans to add a pool and any other hardscapes, like a fire pit or pergola. This when they mentally place trees, shrubs, and blooms around the shape of the house.

Some common elements are:

  • Select low-maintenance perennials. At Tim’s Landscape Services, we understand that you want your yard to look great; however, you don’t want to spend all your spare time gardening. We respect your wishes and only plant low maintenance perennials that are easy to care for and look great.
  • Use vertical accents near your door. We will use your doorway as a focal point for the house and will plant interesting trees, shrubs, flowers and ornamental grasses near it.
  • Use interesting containers. You show us what type of planters you would like to use near your home and we will use them to plant.
  • Follow how the sun hits the home. We will watch where the sun hits your house and will use that as our guide to plant full-sun and partial sun plants and flowers.
  • Plant different textured shrubs, trees, and flowers in all areas. It is our goal to make your Schererville home look unique.
  • Follow the pathway. Your pathway will be another focal point in our design, and the unique greenery will be a wonderful welcome for all who come to visit.

Contact Us to Schedule Your Landscape Design Today!

Today is a good day to contact us about your landscaping project. If you have some ideas about how you want your yard to look, or if you look to us for inspiration, we are here to help you in Schererville. You can contact us three ways — either by filling out the form on our website, by emailing us at, or by calling us directly at 219-322-8500.

We look forward to working with you and designing a stunning landscape for your new home.

Customer Reviews

  • They helped me pick out my plants and trees and it looks wonderful! They're very friendly and the quality was superb.


  • They did a fire pit for me and the work is excellent! Very happy they did the work and I will be sure to look to them for additional lawn work and landscaping

    Cynthia Thompson

  • This is the second time I have used Tim's Landscaping. Plants and work is great. Would recommend Tim's to anyone who is thinking about landscaping and edging work.

    Carol Green

  • Crayton and the team were amazing, our back yard is ready for firepit season,

    Vicki ong

  • I can't tell you what a beautiful job Tim's Landscaping did on my property. Everything looks beautiful and nice and neatly done. Crayton was a joy to work with and everything was laid out exactly how I wanted. I highly recommend Tim's Landscaping and the price was the best out of all the research that I did.

    Elizabeth Farrell

  • We have worked with Tim's on all of our homes going back to 1987. He is absolutely the best!! We are extremely happy with all of the work he has done for us from then through our current home we built last year. Long standing professionalism and satisfaction with each beautiful landscape design.


  • The best in the area. Highly recommended. Can’t be beat!!! Crayton Caudill is the guy!


  • The staff at Tim's really understood what we wanted and delivered an exceptional design that complimented the architecture of the house. The crew was friendly, meticulous and very professional. We are very happy with their work. Thank you.


  • Tim’s Landscaping completely transformed our front beds and did a full spring cleanup for our yard. Our property is night and day after all the hard work the team put in. I can’t express how happy we are with the end result. The whole crew is professional, thorough, and skilled in everything they do. An absolutely top-notch company.


  • We purchased a home that needed a lot of landscaping work. We did not need anything too crazy or elaborate, just wanted good work at a fair price from a reliable company. Tim's worked within our budget and the crew did an excellent job. We couldn't be happier.


  • Incredible service. Honest and upfront from the beginning. But the most impressive thing is the follow up conducted by this company. Tim’s is doing a lot of business in our neighborhood and apparently saw a tree that didn’t take in our yard. Tim’s crew stopped by and replaced the tree without word one from us. Very happy with the work done, I would and do recommend them, often.


  • They did an amazing job on our house project last year, and this year came back at no cost to replace a couple plants that didn't make it through winter. They went way beyond the call of duty, I'd recommend them for anything big to small!


  • They do great stone & landscape work. They have the best prices, friendly's workers & office. We built a new home and Tim's did all of our landscaping & 60-foot sitting wall. They do great work with high-quality materials. The crew we had was extremely friendly, hardworking, & do great quality work. Thank you!


  • Tim and his entire staff were fantastic. It does not matter if you are interested in a $5,000 job or a $100,000 job. Tim made multiple trips to my house to make sure he could give us everything we wanted and his pricing was great with the services provided. I have told friends and neighbors about Tim's and will be using them in the future on projects to come. Quick , professional, efficient, and affordable. What more can you ask for!


  • Tim and Crayton are great to work with! Very professional. I highly recommend them for any project!


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